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Flower Care

How long will the flowers last?

In our local heat and humidity, flowers usually last about 3-5 days.

To prolong the lifespan of your flowers, make sure your flowers store in cool/room temperature and avoid direct sunlight and heat.


If your receive a bouquet,unwrap the wrapper and transfer to clean vessel and fill with clean tap water.

​Change the water and trim the stems at an angle (1-2 cm) daily.


If you receive a centrepiece done in floral foam, simply add water directly to the foam.


If you receive a vase arrangement showing bare stems in water, dispose of the water

Refill with clean tap water

Trim the stems at an angle (1- 2 cm) daily.

Preserved Flowers

If you received a preserved flowers, DO NOT WATER. Keep out of direct sunlight, direct air-conditioning,

wind and away for humidity to prevent discolouration and fading. With the right care, these blooms usually

can last from 3-6 months or even years depending on the environmental conditions.


Drying your bouquet

Hang them upside-down.

Leave it to dry for 2 weeks.

Keep dried flowers away from direct sunlight/heat .​

For best results, dry your flowers while they are at their prime and slowly watch the magical transform.


The magical dried bloom is alive

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